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The Master chef cooking our products on the BBQ!



It all began at the annual Parkar barbeque in 2007. A family of meat fanatics, we sat around the bonfire after our feast (halal marshmallows at the ready), obsessing over the beefy Boerewors that we had just eaten. It had all happened so quickly. As soon as we'd heard the news that uncle was going to be bringing us those sausages from South Africa, it seemed only right to confirm a date. Weeks of prepping, planning and praying that the British "summer" would hold out for us and it was all over in a flash. How were we going to wait another year to have them again? We had to find a solution.


And so began our mission to carefully fuse the spices of the South African sausage with the concept of the classic British banger and create our own pork-free prototype. Our friends and relatives became the taste-testers and soon, our gourmet, halal sausages had become the staple at every barbeque. 


As dad worked on perfecting the recipe in our family kitchen in North-West London, the word spread and the orders began to multiply. It was time to turn our passion into a business.


At Master Gourmet Meats, our sausages and burgers are created using fresh, quality, British halal meats with bespoke and unique seasonings. All our products are now lovingly made in our factory in Hertfordshire, where we aim for perfection and consistency. 

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